Severity Bug with no known workaround
Reproducability It happens each and every time
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Duplicate false
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Reported Configuration

Product ColdFusion 9.0
Release Updater 1
OS Any

Open Bug 83864 (ColdFusion Components)

Submitted By: Elliott Sprehn on Wed Aug 18 2010

Creating unqualified imported components without the "Component Cache" on is EXTREMELY SLOW. This is a huge performance hit that doesn't make sense. The performance hit of using "import" without the component cache enabled is so huge (almost 16 times slower) that the import statement is useless. Please hotfix this!

Comment By Scott Smith on Mon Feb 28 2011

This is still an issue as far as I can tell and I am finding it an awful inconvenience when using the cfscript tags added by adobe for tags such as cfquery, ftp, pdf, etc. These components are stored within the server and I really would rather not create a mapping on all my instances just so I can fully qualify this in my code. I have been dealing with it using my own components by redundantly qualifying my instantiations with full pathes on top of my import statement, but this is where I have to draw the line.

Comment By Kurt Wiersma on Wed Mar 2 2011

It seems like this really should be fixed especially since it is effecting Adobe's own built in components.

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