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Id Summary Date Status User Area Adobe Bug
86449 ColdFusion builder builds cfcs, etc for every project in my workspace even when ... 2011-02-22 Open Wil Genovese ServerManagerIDE »
86404 New CFB 2 Beta Build 0217:Code coloring is broken when concatenating strings usi ... 2011-02-17 Open Phill Nacelli Code Formatting »
86366 When I attempt to use the "Preferences..." menu option in the OS X application m ... 2011-02-14 Closed Kurt Wiersma General-IDE »
86315 Silent Installation of CF Builder throws exception on Win 7 machine. 2011-02-10 Open Umal Kumar Bhole Installer »
86204 Right now you cannot have extensions operate on XML files opened in Builder. Fra ... 2011-02-06 Open Kurt Wiersma Extensions »
86203 I have an extension that looks at the form.ideinfo that Builder sends back when ... 2011-02-06 Open Kurt Wiersma Extensions »
86095 If cfimport/import are used, CFC names listed should be limited to the import/cf ... 2011-01-31 Open Vamseekrishna Manneboina ContentAssist »
86059 CF Builder has a very nice javascript editor, but it doesn't work with json file ... 2011-01-28 Open David Hammond Editor Enhancements »
86056 In a component written entirely in cfscript, I have one method that accidentally ... 2011-01-28 Open Mary Jo Sminkey SyntaxChecking »
85998 Line Numbers do not change when scrolling code window. This is Storm Plugin run ... 2011-01-26 Open Don Kerr General-IDE »
85936 A CFC written entirely in CFScript will incorrectly identify a function named "d ... 2011-01-20 Open Andrew Clarke Code Formatting »
85825 When using a multi-part class as a type for a parameter the ide shows it as an e ... 2011-01-13 Open Jeremy Rottman Code Formatting »
85757 nullErrorMon Jan 10 16:36:25 GMT 2011An internal error occurred during: "com.ado ... 2011-01-10 Open Kevin McCabe DebuggingSupport »
85725 Support URL Parameters on Dynamic Start Page URLWhile it’s great that an exten ... 2011-01-07 Open Brian Klaas ProjectSupport »
85571 The File dialog that opens for functionality like "include" in cfscript should i ... 2011-01-07 Open Vamseekrishna Manneboina ContentAssist »
85485 When using the same variable name in the Start and End Block of a snippet, you a ... 2011-01-03 Open Matthew Abbott SnippetSupport »
85480 ...<cfargument type="state.Example" name="Example">... works fine ("state.Exampl ... 2010-12-30 Closed Walter Seethaler SyntaxChecking »
85463 Code Assist causes CFBuilder to hang on large files. I've tried enabling and iab ... 2010-12-23 Closed Wil Genovese ContentAssist »
85444 Services Browser doesn't update when a new server is added.I had Server A setup ... 2010-12-22 Open Kai Koenig General-IDE »
85426 [ANeff_20101221_01] Bug for: "Server Mapping" not updating "Sample URL"Related t ... 2010-12-21 Open Aaron Neff ServerManagerIDE »
85409 (OSX) cmd+shift+down to select from cursor to end of file does not work 2010-12-17 Closed Adam Tuttle General-IDE »
85381 When a database has two tables with same name but different schema in MS SQL Ser ... 2010-12-14 Open Phill Nacelli RDS »
85347 It would be really nice if the snippet trigger text were included in the xml fil ... 2010-12-10 Open Adam Tuttle SnippetSupport »
85346 2 problems with the way snippets are rendered:* Blank lines are removed for snip ... 2010-12-10 Closed Adam Tuttle SnippetSupport »
85305 for some reason CF Builder is not refreshing the table columns in the RDS Datavi ... 2010-12-06 Closed Phill Nacelli RDS »