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One of the biggest problems rampant amongst developers is ignoring the standard library and writing your own solution to the same problem because we think it’s faster/smarter/better. I know I’m certainly guilty of this thinking too. Unfortunately this is pretty much always a mistake. I recently stressed this issue quite a lot in my Designing […]

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A few months ago I released a mirror of the bug tracker for Adobe ColdFusion written in HTML. It occurred to me shortly after that it would also be useful to have a tracker for CFBuilder bugs.

So I’m happy to announce the Unofficial Adobe CFBuilder Bug Database Mirror!

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ColdFusion 9 has two new features for components. The import statement allows you to use shorter names for components when creating them. The “Component Cache” caches the path to components (pretty much Trusted Cache for .cfc files only) to improve performance. Unfortunately there’s a huge performance problem using the import statement without the Component Cache […]

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CFUnited 2010 Presentations

I’ve updated my presentation archive to include my two presentations from CFUnited 2010. If anyone has any questions or suggestions feel free to contact me either by email or posting on here. It was so great to meet everyone new, and see everyone old. Hope to see you at the next conference, whatever that may […]

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