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Today I’m excited to release the ColdFusion CFML2009 Core Test Suite. The test suite is far from complete, but it generally covers most of the basic language level and syntax features. If you’d like to contribute more tests please checkout the code and submit a patch. I’d encourage anyone who uses ColdFusion to download this […]

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If you live in a Terminal window like I do and frequently connect to servers and other machines through ssh you’ve run across an issue where the delete key doesn’t seem to work when connected to a remote server in OS X with ssh. I find this happens when you ssh to an Ubuntu machine […]

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Some nasty CF9.0.1 Bugs

ColdFusion 9.0.1 added a lot cool features to CF9 and fixed quite a few outstanding bugs. Unfortunately it also introduces some really nasty bugs too and left a few hanging as well. Fortunately Adobe recently released the HotFix 1 for CF9.0.1 which fixes most of these bugs. If you’re currently on CF9.0.1 definitely install the […]

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