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About Me

My name is Elliott, and I work for Google on the Blink rendering engine for Google Chrome and occasionally with the Polymer Project. Formerly I was the Tech Lead for Google Feedback where I built an HTML rendering engine in JavaScript. I also worked on AngularJS and wrote their End2End test runner.

If you’re super curious about me, here’s my resume.

I’ve worked on a variety of projects from network services, to realtime messaging systems, as well as most obviously web applications. I’m a strong advocate of web standards and have participated in the HTML5 WG and WHATWG. I also work closely with groups at Google working on the related standards.

I’ve worked with a multitude of languages that include ColdFusion, ruby, php, Java, C, C++, OCaml, javascript, html, css, python, applescript and a hand full of others.

I’m a proud mac user, and I do all my hobby development on a 13″ Macbook, which might as well be an extra appendage. My development tools include Sublime Text 2 and OmniGraffle.

I love Open Source and I’m happy to help others so if you have a question or a problem don’t hesitate to ask (there’s an email in the resume). :)

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