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Frameworks for SOA Platforms

This session will be a look at building service oriented platforms for
developing applications and services. It’ll look at methods for
constructing modular components, integrating these components, and
leveraging them for applications and web services.

The Shared Application Architecture platform which powers all the
CFUnited conference websites will be used as a model and advantages
will be discussed. The platform is now open source and under active
development on RIAForge. The platform uses ColdSpring, supports Model-
Glue and Fusebox, and your ORM of choice.

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    […] Elliott’s presentation on “Frameworks for SOA Platforms” walked us through a custom implementation, his “Shared Services Architecture.” The platform technology stack includes ColdSpring, Model-Glue and Fusebox, and your ORM of choice. Model-Glue is a popular ColdFusion framework that uses a MVC design pattern. Elliot is running a customized version of Model-Glue and basically using the Controller as an ESB of sorts.  For ColdFusion shops who want to migrate to an SOA platform, check out Elliot’s presentation. […]


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