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Intro to AngularJS, JavaScript Done Right

Angular is a new kind of JavaScript framework. Built for creating complex ajax applications the framework supports an MVC development model and integrated dependency injection system. In addition a client side template compiler with customizable language and syntax support makes designing and creating applications a breeze. You can create custom tags that compile into your own HTML widgets and easily integrate third party libraries. Even better, the template language supports two way data binding just like Flex 4!

The tag based templates and custom tag support will make any CF developer feel right at home on both the client and the server. And it’ll make any Flex developer enjoy writing HTML5 applications again because it brings the power of MXML to your browser.

Testing is also fantastically easy with Angular. The framework integrates with the BDD testing framework Jasmine and with the continuous unit testing system JsTD. There’s even an End-to-End test runner provided that lets you script your UI and write tests that exercise the real UI in a browser.

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