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Internals of the Adobe ColdFusion Server

To many CF developers the ColdFusion server is a block box that just works. This presentation takes a look at how the internals of the engine operate. The presentation covers how variables, scopes, functions, cfcs, custom tags, includes and java objects are implemented and how we can use this knowledge to do things not normally possible with the CF functions.

We’ll look at how to implement several features in CF6, CF7 and CF8 like…

  • Query Caching with the native CF query cache for queries that use cfqueryparam.
  • Create and execute queries that use cfqueryparam from cfscript.
  • Create a function like CF8 to get database info for a datasource.
  • Add global mappings by appending to a structure like this.mappings in CF8.
  • Call functions and component methods and inspect the local scope after their execution.
  • Access the Application.cfc anywhere in an application.
  • Allow passing arrays of values in the url scope instead of lists when there are duplicate keys.
  • Creating anonymous functions inside other functions with the compiler
  • Transactions that can be started and stopped without cftransaction

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