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Adobe ColdFusion Bug Database Mirror

This past year Adobe finally released a bug tracker for ColdFusion. This was a really great move to making CF more developer friendly.

Unfortunately they also created it in Flex so it’s a super huge pain to use. For instance lots of the text isn’t selectable like comments and votes. Undo (Apple+Z) doesn’t work in any of the text boxes like the search box and even worse the drop down for Bug Areas has (no exaggeration) over 100 items in it with no scrollbar and no keyboard support!

We pushed Adobe on the prerelease to create an HTML UI that wasn’t so lame, but that never happened. :(

Well, rather than just complain about this I went and created my own.

So I officially announce the Unofficial Adobe ColdFusion Bug Database Mirror.


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  • John Pullam · August 7, 2010 at 9:36 pm

    I’m very confused by what they are doing. I stumbled onto the bug tracker after CF9 and I reported a bug. They sent me an update telling me that they agreed and implying a hotfix would be coming, but my original report has disappeared from the bug tracker.

    Does anyone know where I should look or who I should email to figure out what is happening?


  • Author comment by Elliott · August 9, 2010 at 4:06 pm


    I asked the same question recently of someone at Adobe and they said that the tracker unfortunately hides bugs that are marked as “targeted for a future release”. I suppose this is to hide bugs about unreleased versions of CF (ex. CF10).

    I think the bugs will reappear once the hot fix is released.


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